yVault Prize Pool Builder

This builder creates a new yVault Prize Pool.

The easiest way to create a yVault Prize Pool is from the PoolWithMultipleWinnersBuilder described here.

The following describes a lower level building option with a custom prize strategy.

Custom Prize Strategy

Create a yVault Prize Pool with a custom prize strategy using the function:

function createVaultPrizePool(
VaultPrizePoolConfig calldata config
returns (yVaultPrizePool)




The yVault Prize Pool configuration to use

struct VaultPrizePoolConfig {
yVaultInterface vault;
uint256 reserveRateMantissa;
uint256 maxExitFeeMantissa;
uint256 maxTimelockDuration;

Note that this will not add any Controlled Tokens to the Prize Pool; those must be added by the owner. The caller is the Prize Pool owner.