What is PoolTogether?

PoolTogether is a decentralized and open source blockchain based prize savings account.
Replicating "prize savings accounts" all depositors are offered a chance to win prizes without needing to risk their deposited funds. This is possible because prizes are made up of the interest that accrues on all deposited funds.
The PoolTogether protocol has been live for over 2 years and distributed over $5 million in prizes to depositors. The luckiest winner so far deposited $74 and won over $40,000. PoolTogether is one of the first and most widely used decentralized finance applications. It helps people save money by giving them the chance to win prizes.
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What is the POOL token?

The POOL controls the PoolTogether protocol to ensure decentralization and community ownership. Token holders manage protocol parameters to promote growth. Read about tokenomics and governance.
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