Withdrawing from V3

This guide explains how to withdraw from the PoolTogether V3 Smart Contracts.

Step 1:

Find the Pool you are deposited to and browse to its contract on the block explorer of its respective network.




If you don’t know which of the above pools you might be deposited into, you can follow the trace of the receipt token that’s in your wallet.

Step 2:

Navigate to the Contract tab, click on write contract and connect your wallet

Step 3:

Find the function withdrawInstantlyFrom

The parameters explained:

Parameter NameParameter DescriptionWhat to enter


The address to withdraw from. This means you can withdraw on another user's behalf if you have an allowance for the controlled token.

Your wallet address


The amount to withdraw

The amount formatted as uint256. This means the amount has to include all decimals. Eg: To withdraw 100 DAI, the amount is 100000000000000000000


The controlled token to withdraw from

The address of the ticket token, eg: PcDAI to withdraw the underlying DAI, PcUSDC to withdraw USDC


The maximum early exit fee the caller is willing to pay.

Enter 0

Step 4:

Click Write and confirm the transaction to withdraw your tokens.

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