Protocol Constitution

The constitution is a living but hard-to-change document that puts PoolTogether’s ethos into writing.

The PoolTogether protocol constitution is a document that breaks out the vision and other foundational principles of the protocol. It serves as the highest level north star guiding governance and strategy as the protocol and community grow.

The constitution is ratified by POOL holders, with any future changes ratified in the same way.


PoolTogether helps people build wealth in a fun and engaging way.


PoolTogether will be the global infrastructure for prize savings.

Protocol Core Values

Wealth Creating

PoolTogether is a prize savings protocol helping people build wealth. It does this by making saving money fun, accessible, and financially rewarding. The protocol is no loss and positive-sum, leaving everyone better off for using it.

Accessible to All

PoolTogether aims to help everyone, regardless of background, technical experience, or current wealth. We aim to make financial security globally accessible and help people build wealth around the world.


Savings is a serious business. The protocol design optimizes for security of deposited funds. Perfect security can never be guaranteed, but ensuring the “No Loss” mantra remains true is paramount.

User Owned

The protocol is governed by the POOL token, which has been freely distributed to users of the protocol. These token holders make up the heart of the community, guiding and contributing to the mission of the protocol. POOL holders are tasked with stewarding the protocol and making decisions for the long-term benefit of the protocol and its users.


The PoolTogether protocol is designed to live forever. It follows the ethos of decentralized finance (DeFi), seeking to improve the financial system by replacing humans with immutable software. User funds will never be accessible to PoolTogether developers or POOL token holders.

Transparent and Fair

The PoolTogether protocol is a set of smart contracts. The code is publicly available and open source for everyone to verify, validate, or adopt. It can be copied and re-used by anyone. It is globally accessible, provably fair, and free to use for anyone without permission.

Fun and Engaging

We’re here to have a good time building wealth. Our protocol brings people joy and excitement!

Signal your pledge to the PoolTogether Protocol Constitution

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