Governance Roles

The different roles in PoolTogether governance are defined as follows:

Token Holders

POOL token holders govern the PoolTogether protocol. They have the ability to vote on governance proposals or delegate their votes.

PoolTogether governance exists on the Ethereum blockchain and is not limited to the interface. There are many different interfaces you can use to view governance proposals and vote.

Governance Delegates

Delegates are community members who volunteer to play an active role in PoolTogether protocol governance. Everyone can volunteer to be a governance delegate. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a governance delegate to be able to vote on proposals.

You can read through the Delegate Proposals in this thread. Please feel encouraged to post your own delegate proposal.


A contributor is anyone who provides value to the PoolTogether protocol and its community. Anyone can contribute to the PoolTogether protocol without asking for permission. It needs no token or say in governance to contribute.

Learn more about getting involved.


Teams are the base organizational unit of the PoolTogether community. A Team is a group of contributors working towards a common purpose promoting growth of the PoolTogether protocol. Teams are ratified through the PT Budget Process in a quarterly cadence (see governance calendar).

Learn more about the PTBR process.


The Council is a support group for Teams, and is made up of team members. The Council serves a number of roles:

  • Meets weekly to share status updates.

  • Monthly Team performance check-in

  • Suggests new guidelines or standards (quarterly or as needed)

  • Help onboard new teams, contributors, and facilities existing teams (quarterly or as needed)

The Council gives Teams an opportunity to communicate, share, coordinate and speak with a common voice. You can reach out to the council on Discord in #governance.

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