Setting up Prize Notifications
Tired of opening chests every day? Receive a notification when you win a prize!
Disclaimer: Both tools are made by the community. 100% accuracy isn't guaranteed. It's recommended to manually check for prizes at least once a month.

Prize Notifications on Telegram

The PoolTogether Wins Tracker helps you to track your deposit by sending a message to your Telegram inbox when you win a prize on PoolTogether. It allows you to track up to 5 addresses and get notified 1 hour before you can claim your prize in the dApp.


Add address to your watchlist (Max 5)
Delete address from your watchlist
Check if you have won in the last draw
List addresses stored in your watchlist
Display commands
Setting up Prize Notifications on Telegram
For any bugs or feature requests, message Max'#0107

Prize Notifications on Discord

Our Discord bot Pooly helps you to track your prizes. Send a DM on our Discord Server to Pooly#0679 with one of the commands listed below. Pooly will notify you via DM once one of the wallets on your list wins a prize.


=add <wallet address>
Add a wallet to your list
=remove <wallet address>
Remove a wallet from your list
List wallets on your list
=odds <amount>
Check the current odds of a deposit amount
=player <address>
Player history overview
=wins <address>
Find all the wins for a specific address
=prizes <address> <draw id>
Check prizes won for a specific draw
pooly help
List of all commands
Setting up Prize Notifications on Discord
For any bugs or feature requests, message underthesea#4658