Bug Bounties

We encourage responsible disclosure of any smart contract vulnerabilities and will pay up to $22,727 for those.

Generation Software Inc. collaborates with Immunefi on a public bug bounty program to incentivize vulnerability disclosures by anyone. Please adhere to the PoolTogether bug bounty program overview on Immunefi to learn all about the rules and details for the bug bounty, including assets and impacts in scope, out-of-scope activities, limitations, etc.

Past Bounties

PermitAndDepositDai Contract: Unrestricted Sender

Severity: Medium / High Date: Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 Reporter: Kevin Foesenek Payout: $20,000 USD of WETH (transaction)

Vulnerability Just prior to launch a security researcher discovered a flaw in the PermitAndDepositDai contract. This flaw would have allowed an attacker to front-run the "deposit" transaction and take the deposited amount. This would have affected any new deposits to the system.

Mitigation References to the contract were removed from the user interface, and a fix was immediately deployed to mainnet and published via NPM.

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