Control of the PoolTogether Protocol rests solely in the hands of the community holding the POOL tokens.

PoolTogether Governance

POOL is the governance token of the PoolTogether community. Every POOL token represents a vote in governance.

The primary duty of POOL holder governance is to ensure the growth of the protocol. This includes:

  • Protocol parameters like frequency of prizes

  • Distributions from the protocol treasury

  • Ratifying protocol upgrades

  • Requests for budgets

Any changes to these parameters have to undergo the PoolTogether governance process and are voted on by POOL token holders.

Governance Toolkit

The major tools for PoolTogether governance are as follows:

  • Governance Forum: The main space for discussion and ideation about changes to the protocol and governance proposals.

  • Governance Dashboard: Vote with POOL tokens held in your wallet or delegated to you.

  • Snapshot: A platform for off-chain governance.

  • Discord: For informal governance discussion and feedback.

Governance Contracts

PoolTogether governance is based on an OpenZeppelin variant of Governor Bravo, with ScopeLift’s Flexible Voting extension. The Governor contract is deployed here.

Previously, PoolTogether governance was using a fork of Compound's Governor Alpha smart contracts. The Upgrade to Governor Bravo was voted on in PTIP-88. You can browse all past proposals on Tally.

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