PoolTogether Debit Card FAQ

The spending card for crypto natives

What is the PoolTogether Card?

The PoolTogether Card is a Debit Card powered by Juno. It allows you to spend your PoolTogether balance on everyday things.

How does it work?

There are two ways to use the PoolTogether Debit Card. You can choose to use either a Push or the Pull Method.

Top-Up (Push Method)

Whenever a user tops up their card, their USDC is liquidated to USD and deposited into an FDIC-insured checking account to ensure the safety of their funds.

Example: A user will convert PTaUSDC to USDC (say $500 at a time) and then spend that USDC when they make purchases.

On a technical level:

  • User cashes out their crypto from their Web3 Wallet to a FDIC-insured Checking Account

  • The Debit Card (MasterCard) that is linked to the Checking Account is used for spending on everyday items.

Direct Spending (Pull Method)

With direct spending, PTaUSDC is withdrawn (pulled) from the Web3 wallet directly at point of sale.

On a technical level:

  • User approves their PTaUSDC to be spent by the contract.

  • The withdrawFromPool() function is called, and it withdraws from the pool:

    • Function burns PTaUSDC and withdraws USDC to the user's wallet.

  • User approves their USDC to be spent by the contract.

  • The function performTradeForSpecificAmount() is called, which deposits the USDC into the contract.

  • The USDC is auto-converted into the checking account

Where can I use my card?

The PoolTogether Debit Card is accepted by over 40m merchants worldwide. It’s a Mastercard.

Are there any country restrictions?

The Pilot will launch in the US with plans to expand to other countries in the coming months.

Does Juno custody the deposits?

No, you can spend your PoolTogether balance directly from a self-custody wallet of your choice.

There is a daily transaction limit of $10,000.

How does it relate to my wallet and my key?

In order to use this service you have to undergo a KYC process with Juno. We suggest creating a dedicated wallet to use for this service.

Reminder: Never share your private key with anyone.

What about fees? Withdrawing has fees.

PTaUSDC to USDC to USD is always 1:1. You only pay the network (gas) fees for the withdrawal.

What chain/s are we talking about?

Spending works with deposits on Optimism, Polygon & Ethereum.

Will there be rewards?

Yes, users will receive <redacted> in addition to <redacted> by spending with their PoolTogether card.

How can I get access?

You can reserve your personal handle and save your spot on the waitlist for the PoolTogether Debit Card by Juno here.

Any open Questions?

Visit the Juno Helpcenter or join the PoolTogether community on Discord.

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