Proposal Process


The community of POOL holders makes decisions through governance proposals. Proposals are accepted or rejected using an on-chain voting process. Anyone, who holds or has delegated >10,000 POOL, can submit a proposal to PoolTogether governance.
All proposals should be submitted as one of the valid proposal types stated below and follow the outlined proposal process:
The following timeline is recommended and should be considered when creating a proposal.
  • RFC: 5 days (minimum)
  • PTIP/TBR: 24 hours (minimum)
  • Submit on-chain: 5 days (does not vary)
Note: This timeline can vary based on community approval.

1. Request for Comments [RFC]

All major discussions should start on the governance forum to be reviewed by anyone in the PoolTogether community.
  • Submitted as a new forum discussion in the appropriate category.
    • New topics auto-populate with the corresponding proposal template
  • Marked as Request for Comments by adding [RFC] to the title.
  • Follow the forum title format as stated for the proposal type.
  • Include a poll to approve or reject.
Once submitted, the forum discussion should be open for feedback from the community for at least 5 days (assuming it is well-formed).
  • If the proposal does not get explicit approval or is still highly contested, the proposer should -continue to seek feedback from the community and submit an amended proposal.
  • If the proposal has strong support, the proposer can create a corresponding PTIP/TBR.


After applying potential community feedback to the proposal, the proposer should:
and leave the topic open for at least 24 hours, before submitting the proposal on-chain and creating the corresponding Snapshot.

3. On-chain Proposal

When it comes time to create an on-chain proposal, the proposer must:
  1. 1.
    Create a new on-chain proposal, matching the specification outlined in the forum post
  2. 2.
    Create a corresponding POOL Pool Snapshot vote for the proposal
  3. 3.
    Update the forum post with links to the on-chain proposal and snapshot vote
The details of the PoolTogether Governance system are described here.
What is the POOL Pool Snapshot for?
The POOL Pool Snapshot allows POOL pool ticket holders to participate in proposal voting.
This pool’s voting power is delegated to a multi-sig whose signers are community members. When there is an on-chain proposal there must be a corresponding vote in the POOL Pool Snapshot. The multi-sig must vote according to the result of the POOL Pool Snapshot. Learn more.


After a proposal is submitted on-chain a 5-day voting period begins. A proposal succeeds, if after five days
  • the majority of votes are in favor (approval threshold of 51%)
  • AND at least 100,000 votes have been cast in favor (Quorum of 1%).


If a proposal succeeds, the proposer (or any other person) can queue Proposal.
There is a two day timelock before the proposal is actually implemented. After the timelock has expired, the proposal can be executed.
What if a proposal is defeated?
In case a proposal does not pass a governance vote, the proposal will not be executed. If the proposer wishes to iterate on a proposal that has been rejected, they should:
  1. 1.
    Create a new proposal thread on the Forum.
  2. 2.
    Include a link to the first proposal that did not pass.
  3. 3.
    Clearly identify what has changed in the new proposal.


  • If a proposer does not hold their votes throughout the full time of the on-chain proposal, then the proposal can be canceled by anyone.
  • Urgent, security-related PTIPs may progress to an on-chain proposal immediately.

Proposal Types

Proposal Type
Forum Title Format
Approval Threshold
PTIP PoolTogether Improvement Proposal
PTIP-Id: eg. PTIP 89:
Process for changing the protocol or distributing treasury funds
1% (100,000 POOL)
TBR Team Budget Request
TBR-QX-Year: eg. TBR-Q2-2023:
Process for requesting funds
1% (100,000 POOL)


The PTIP process is a modified version of Badger Improvement Proposals and Yearn Improvement Proposals.