Withdrawing USDC from Binance

Binance allows you to withdraw USDC straight to the Polygon network, as explained in the guide below.
Binance is a Centralized Exchange (CEX) where you can buy tokens using multiple fiat currencies in various payment methods. To purchase cryptocurrencies on Binance, you must first complete their Identity Verification and 2 Factor Authentification process.

Withdraw USDC to Polygon

Step 1: On the Binance home page, navigate to Wallet -> Overview
Step 2: Click Withdraw on the top left.
Step 3: Fill in the information as stated below.
If you input the wrong information or select the wrong network when making a transfer, your assets will be permanently lost. Please, make sure that the data is correct before making a transfer.
Select coin: Select USDC
Send to: Paste your Polygon wallet address into the Address field and select MATIC Polygon as Network
Withdraw Amount: Enter the withdrawal amount. You will be able to see the corresponding transaction fee and the final amount you receive.
Step 4: Click Withdraw to proceed.
Step 5: You need to verify the transaction. Please follow the on-screen instructions.
NOTE: Binance will deduct a fee for the withdrawal.
Done! You have now withdrawn $USDC from Binance to Metamask. Your assets will arrive in your wallet shortly, ready for use in the PoolTogether App.