Getting Started

Preparations for first-timers

PoolTogether is multi-chain, meaning it lives across multiple blockchains. Before making a deposit in the PoolTogether protocol you need to decide which network you want to deposit on.

Currently, the PoolTogether protocol is live on:

  • Ethereum (Only recommended for deposits above $ 50,000)

  • Polygon (Beginner-friendly due to low transaction fees)

  • Avalanche

You need the following to use PoolTogether:

1) A cryptocurrency wallet

PoolTogether is compatible with a wide variety of crypto wallets. Some of the most common are Metamask, Zerion, and Rainbow. Follow one of the links for more information on setting up and securing your wallet.

If you want to deposit on Optimism, Avalanche or Polygon, you first have to add the network to your wallet. You can do this in the PoolTogether dApp, by choosing the Network in the top right corner.


PoolTogether allows you to deposit USDC in exchange for tickets (PTaUSDC) on the aforementioned networks.

You can get USDC on Centralized Exchanges, Decentralized Exchanges, or a FIAT Onramp to buy it directly from your bank account or credit card. You can follow the guides for Optimism or Polygon.

3) The network's native Gas Token

Depositing, claiming prizes, and withdrawing requires a transaction and will cost a network fee.

To deposit, you need a small amount of the network's native gas token in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.

You are all set for your first deposit now!

Follow the links below to the How to Deposit Guides.

Need Help?

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