Withdrawing from V4

This guide explains how to withdraw from the PoolTogether V4 Smart Contracts.

To withdraw directly from the SmartContract navigate to the block explorer respective to the chain that you have your PoolTogether deposit on.

Step 1:

Use one of the links below to find the PoolTogether Smart Contract:

Step 2:

Make sure you are on the Contract tab and select Write Contract. Connect your wallet.

Step 3:

Scroll to 18. withdrawFrom.

  • Input your address into the _from field

  • Input the amount you want to withdraw in the _amount field

  • Click Write

Note: USDC has 6 decimals, so you have to add 6 0's at the end of the amount. Example: To withdraw 10 USDC, input 10000000 into the _amount field.

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