PoolTogether on Optimism

Optimism offers fast transactions, low fees, and leverages the security the Ethereum network provides.

All you need to use PoolTogether on Optimism is a crypto wallet, ETH for gas fees, and USDC to deposit into the protocol.

Adding Optimism to your wallet

Optimism is EVM-equivalent. That makes it easy to use with many existing Ethereum wallets. If you’re unsure about the wallet you are using, follow this link for a complete list of wallets supporting the Optimism ecosystem.

In case you are using Metamask: The easiest way to add Optimism to your wallet is by using Chainlist. Simply connect your wallet and tap on “Add to Metamask”.

How to Deposit

Depositing into PoolTogether for the first time only includes three simple steps. Head to the Deposit tab in the PoolTogether App or follow this link. Click on "Deposit to win" and choose the Optimism prize pool.

Step 1: Enter deposit amount & review

First, make sure you are on the Optimism network. Enter the amount of USDC you want to deposit and click on Review deposit.

The estimated average APR is a rough estimate based on the current TVL and daily prizes. More information.

Step 2: Approve USDC tokens

To deposit into the Prize Pool, you need to allow the PoolTogether protocol to access the USDC tokens in your wallet. This happens through an approval transaction to the PoolTogether Prize Pool contracts.

Click on Confirm approval in the PoolTogether App and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

The token approval does not make a deposit yet; it simply enables the protocol to use the tokens in your wallet. This is a one-time approval process per network.

Step 3: Deposit USDC

The "Deposit Confirmation" screen will automatically load after the approval transaction is completed. Click on Confirm deposit and confirm the deposit transaction in your wallet.

After the transaction has been submitted, you will be forwarded to the "Deposit submitted" screen. You are now eligible for all future draws.

To reflect your PoolTogether deposit, you will receive the PTaOptUSDC ticket token. You can add it to your wallet with the information below:

TickerContract Address



Checking for Prizes

Prizes must be claimed within 60 days of them being awarded. Unclaimed prizes will no longer be claimable after 60 days.

Now that you have a PoolTogether deposit, you can check what prizes you won on the Prizes tab of the PoolTogether App.

You have up to 60 days to claim a prize whenever you win. Claiming a prize will cost a transaction fee. Multiple prizes can be claimed at once.

Follow this link for information about prizes and winning.

How to Withdraw

You can withdraw your deposit from PoolTogether in the Account tab of the PoolTogether App at any time.

To withdraw, choose a deposit and click on Withdraw. Next, enter the amount you want to withdraw and click Review withdrawal. On the next screen, hit Confirm withdrawal and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

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