Using Coinbase Pay

Coinbase Pay is a payment service that allows you to buy or transfer $ETH and $USDC directly from your self-custody wallet.

Supported Networks

Coinbase Pay is currently supported on Ethereum, Polygon & Avalanche.


By linking your account to your wallet, you’re granting it permission to:

  • Send crypto from your account

  • Buy crypto using your payment details

  • Access your account information

Note: PoolTogether or your wallet will not be able to move funds without your permission.

Buying USDC or ETH via Coinbase Pay

  1. Select “Get Tokens” in the bottom middle of the app

  2. Select “Buy with Coinbase Pay”

  3. Sign in to your Coinbase account and complete the 2-step verification

  4. To give your wallet permission to access your Coinbase account, select “Allow”

  5. Choose the asset and enter the amount you want to purchase

  6. Select a payment method from your Coinbase account

  7. Click on “Preview Buy”, review the details and click “Confirm” to complete

The asset should arrive in your wallet shortly, ready to be deposited!

Need more help?

Please check the Coinbase Help Center article on Coinbase Pay.

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