Getting involved

Contributing to PoolTogether

The PoolTogether protocol is not controlled by any company or centralized group. The protocol is open source free software that is deployed on blockchains and managed and controlled by the POOL token holders. If you want to help improve PoolTogether and its ecosystem there are some ways to help out below.

New to PoolTogether?

Before contributing, make sure you're familiar with:

You don't need permission to work on anything, but it's always best to let others know what you're planning to do. The best place for that is the PoolTogether Discord server.

First steps

Ways to contribute

Any questions? Reach out in #contribute!

If you are looking for some more guidance to get involved in the community, check out this guide.

Receiving funding

Do you need funding to achieve your goals for growing PoolTogether? Here are some options:

  • Apply for a Grant — The grants committee supports value aligned projects growing or building on PoolTogether

  • Submit a PT Budget Request — The PTBR process helps coordinate funding for teams, developers, and anyone else who wishes to contribute to the PoolTogether protocol

  • Join the Coordinape Circle — Provide value and get rewarded for day to day contributions through Coordinape

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