Prizes & Winning

What are my odds to win?

Your chances to win a prize are dependent on how much you have deposited. The more money you deposit the higher your chances to win.
Your exact chances to win dynamically change in real time based on how many others are depositing and withdrawing. And what the prize distribution is for that specific prize pool.

How many prizes are awarded?

The amount of prizes (and therefore the total amount of money awarded) changes dynamically. The numbers displayed are projections based on current data and probabilities of winning. It is likely that actual prizes awarded will be either higher or lower in any given prize period than what is visualized.

How do I get my prizes?

  1. 1.
    Once a prize has been awarded there is a 24 hour cool down period before you can check your prizes and claim your winnings. This period ensures cross-chain communication has happened correctly.
  2. 2.
    Once the 24 hour cool down period is completed you can check and claim your winnings
  3. 3.
    Your winnings are claimed in PoolTogether tickets! This means when you claim them they automatically added to your deposited balance. When you withdraw you'll receive the underlying USDC.
Claiming prizes must be down within two months of the prize being awarded. If it is not done in that time frame you will not be able to claim your prize.

What prevents someone from joining at the last second?

You can deposit and withdraw without penalty whenever you desire. However, your chance to win is based on your *average* deposit size during the prize period.
For example, say you have $100 deposited for a full 7 day prize period. That would mean your average balance for the prize period is $100. Someone else might deposit $200 the day before the prize. Their average balance for the 7 day prize period would be $28.57, even though they deposited more than you, their chance to win would be far less.
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