V3 to V4 Differences
The documentation provided here is for PoolTogether V4. This new version of PoolTogether enables several key advantages:
  • Better chances to win by having thousands of prizes each week
  • Larger prizes by combining prizes across blockchains
  • Lower transaction fees by enabling you to deposit into the same prize pool on different chains
  • Whale proof preventing large depositors from receiving all the prizes
  • Simplicity by eliminating the early exit fee
If you are familiar with V3, there are some important changes to be aware in V4:
  • In V4 you need to 1) check to see if you've won and 2) claim any prizes you've won. If you do not claim within 60 days of the prize being awarded. You will lose that prize and it will go back to the protocol.
  • V4 makes it possible to delegate your chance to win without transferring your deposit. When you deposit into PoolTogether your chance to win is automatically delegated to you. However, if you swap for deposit tokens on an exchange like Uniswap or if you transfer tokens between wallets you will need to take the extra step of delegating the chance to yourself.
  • V4 has no early exit fees! Instead, your chance to win is weighted based on your total deposits during a given prize period. The earlier you deposit, the better your chances to win!
If you are currently deposited into V3, here is what you need to know:
  • V3 will continue to run and award prizes, you are not required to upgrade
  • If you desire to upgrade, right now the only way is to withdraw from V3 and deposit into V4. Currently V4 only supports USDC on Polygon and Ethereum. More elegant upgrade options will be available in the future
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