How to Deposit

Step 1 - Approve Tokens for deposit

Before you can deposit into any protocol. You first need to approve that protocol to use the tokens in your wallet. This does not actually make a deposit, it simply enables the protocol to use the tokens in your wallet. This is a one-time approval process per network.

Step 2 - Deposit Your Tokens

After the "approve" transaction has completed you can now deposit your tokens! The "Deposit Confirmation" screen will automatically load after the "approve" transaction has completed. Simply confirm the deposit transaction and you are in!

Step 3 - Check for prizes

Now that you are deposited, you'll want to come back and check to see what prizes you won! You can do that on the prizes tab. Keep in mind, any prizes won must be claimed within 60 days! Otherwise they will expire and you will not be able to claim them.
If you ever need to withdraw your deposit, you can withdraw your complete deposit on your "account" page.
Last modified 3mo ago