How to Get USDC & Deposit

How to Deposit in PoolTogether v4 (on Polygon)

Well I'm happy to tell you, it's easier than ever. And I even made a video that walks you through the process from fiat in your legacy bank account to deposit in your new crypto prize-savings accountπŸ‘‡
Step 0: You will need to have Polygon Network added to your Metamask (if you don't have a Metamask, follow this tutorial). The simplest way to add the network is to go to Quickswap, click the button in the upper righthand side of the screen that says Switch to Matic, and follow the prompts to add Matic to your Metamask.
Step 1: Fiat to Polygon Onramp
In my post Polygon Pool Party, I showed you how to use the Ethereum to Polygon bridge, but it was expensive then and it's absolutely horrific now due to high gas (transaction) costs ⛽️
Fortunately a number of services have begun offering direct to Polygon deposits.
We're going to use one of the below options, but we need to keep in mind one thing: if you don't have MATIC in your wallet, you should buy MATIC. If you already have a wallet set up with MATIC in it, you can buy USDC, and save yourself an additional step.
🌎 The app now allows for certain assets to be withdrawn to Polygon directly. This is an ideal way to purchase and withdraw MATIC. If you don't have an account, you can use my referral but unfortunately the only way to get a bonus ($25) is to stake CRO to get their Ruby credit card.
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ In my video above, I'll show you how you can use Paytrie in Canada to deposit USDC directly onto Polygon for very limited fees. The benefits of this are a very simple sign up process and depositing and withdrawals via interac eTransfer. Use my referral (32XgUOJZi) for... some kind of bonus that isn't clear to me...
NOTE: At the time of writing, Paytrie does not offer MATIC which is required to pay transaction fees on the Polygon network. If you choose this option you can try using the Polygon Faucet to get a small amount of MATIC. However I can't guarantee this will work. If you do use the faucet, make sure to immediately swap some of your USDC for more MATIC ($1 or so should be more than enough) so that you don't run out.
🌎 If you're in any of the following countries and have a credit card that allows for cryptocurrency purchases (mine doesn't, sadly), you can use MoonPay to make your purchases. With support for many chains, this could be the go-to option for all your cryptocurrency needs. However, I did notice that the spread on non-stable assets (like MATIC) is not the best. But, hey you pay for convenience I guess... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Step 2 (if you bought MATIC): Swap for USDC
Head over to your preferred decentralized exchnage (DEX) and swap most, but, crucially NOT ALL OF YOUR MATIC, for USDC. In the video, I used Balancer. I find the interface for swaps to be intuitive, and never buggy. It's one of my favourite interfaces in all of DeFi. But that's my personal opinion.
Some other options include:
Or even a DEX aggregator like the one built into Zapper​
Regardless of the DEX you choose, the process for swaps is very simple. Basically just input the token you want to swap from and the token you want to swap to. Then input the amounts (once more, not all of your MATIC), click Approve, and confirm the transaction (this allows the DEX to access your tokens). Now you can click Swap, and confirm on Metamask to finalize the swap.
With that, you've got your USDC and you're ready for the grande finale πŸŽ†
Step 3: Deposit into PoolTogether v4
Head over to and click either on the banner at the top, or click Deposit USDC on the USDC Multi-chain pool. Either one of those will take you here.
One you're in the PoolTogether v4 app, click Connect Wallet at the top right of the screen. Your balance of USDC should show up automatically, but if not, just refresh the page. Hover over the little wallet icon that shows your balance and click that to deposit the maximum (or enter any amount you like in the box below).
Once again you'll have to Approve the protocol to access your tokens, then click Review deposit, confirm on Metamask and wait for the transaction to confirm. Once it does, you're officially in! πŸŽ‰

Checking and Claiming Prizes

Each day, you can check to see if you won a prize by going to PoolTogether v4, selecting the Prizes tab at the top, ****selecting a previous draw using the arrows beside the main graphic, and clicking Check for Prizes. A really nice animation will play and you will either see No prizes won, orβ€”fingers crossed 🀞 β€”the button will light up with the option to Claim your prize 🎁
It's been only a few weeks and I'm happy to say that I already won a prize! Here's what that looked like πŸ‘‡
So as you can see, PoolTogether v4 offers innovative technology, a fun user experience, and a great option for users who want to save money without losing access to asymmetric payoffs πŸ™Œ
What do you think? Will you be checking out PoolTogether v4? If you do, make sure to tag me on twitter (@thumbsupfinance) so that I can share in your excitement.
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