About PoolTogether
The world's savings protocol, run by you.

What is PoolTogether?

PoolTogether is a decentralized and open source blockchain protocol for prize-linked savings.
Replicating "prize-linked savings accounts" all depositors are offered a chance to win prizes without needing to risk their deposited funds. This is possible because prizes are made up of the interest that accrues on all deposited funds.
🏦 Users deposit into the network
📈 Yield accrues on all deposits
🏆 The yield is randomly awarded as prizes to the users.
The PoolTogether protocol has been live for over 3 years and distributed over $5 million in prizes to depositors. The luckiest winner so far deposited $74 and won over $40,000. PoolTogether is one of the first and most widely used decentralized finance applications. It helps people save money by giving them the chance to win prizes.
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